Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment | Sclerotherapy

Dr. Crippen will help get rid of your unwanted varicose veins so you legs can look and feel better.

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One cartoon about venous disease goes something like this: Doctor:”Your veins aren’t the biggest I’ve seen, but they’re varicose” Don’t be embarrassed by your unwanted varicose and spider veins, we have many options to treat them from injection therapy to minor procedures to eliminate them permanently. Dr. Crippen has been treating veins for over a decade and has a great deal of experience managing all types of venous issues.

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Dr. Crippen MD CCFP FCFP is Board certified by ABVLM and has presented on vein treatments at venous meetings in Canada.


Procedure Time
15 minutes
Recovery Time
Permanent, however new veins will appear over time
Injection treatment
Takes 2-4 months for results to be complete
Pain Level
None Required



Our Most Popular Treatment Options


Sclerotherapy is proven to be safe, effective, and virtually painless for treating vein disease. It has been used successfully to treat both types of veins for well over 75 years. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a medication called a sclerosing agent into the veins.

How the treatment Works Overview
Injection of a sclerosant medication into the veins to help your body eliminate them over time.

Procedure Time: 15 minutes
Recovery Time: None
Lasts: Permanent, however new veins will appear over time.
Technique: Injection treatment
Pain Level: Minimal
Results: Takes 2-4 months for results to be complete.
Anesthesia: None required


In some instances Dr. Crippen may determine that a phlebectomy will be used instead of sclerotherapy to get rid of your unwanted varicose veins. A phlebectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small needle or to get rid of varicose veins that are just underneath the surface of your leg.

Treatment Results

Just like skin, results may vary. These pictures (of our awesome, real-life clients!) help you see what is possible and sets a realistic expectation.

We’d love to get to know you, learn more about your goals, and see what treatment options would suit you best.

Book a consultation with us today!

*Treatment results may vary from person to person

  • I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Crippen for awhile now, he does botox injections for me every 3 months. I was very nervous at first, but the staff and Dr. Crippen made me feel at ease right away. He is a wonderful Doctor, very caring and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend Dr. Crippen. Staff is also excellent!!! Thank you.

    LK Jan 15, 2013
  • Dr. Crippen is an absolute maser with Botox. I’ve had little filler implants done around my face, my ears and lips so far, and each operation came out looking exactly the way I had hoped. Not too puffy, not too thin.

    John Savill Sep 4, 2014
  • This place does the best work of all the skincare clinics I’ve tried in the Vancouver area. I go back periodically for new botox and juvederm injections, and they always make it look brand new and just right every single time. This place has earned my business.

    Greg Monte Aug 26, 2014
  • I was deeply impressed with the work of this clinic. We visited for my teenage daughter after over-the-counter medications had failed her. The acne removal treatment recommended and performed by Doctor Crippen was incredibly effective. We’ve been back for a couple more treatments over the years, and they are all as effective. I wanted to note in particular that he and the staff had a wonderful manner while administering treatment. My daughter typically hates clinical environments but she always felt very comfortable here.

    Phoebe Provenzano Jun 29, 2014
  • This is the only place that I’ve gone for age spots since it opened. I loved how easily I could schedule at short notice, and the commitment the staff showed to making sure that I understood everything I wanted to know. I was treated very well here.

    Yolanda Tighman Sep. 05, 2014
  • I loved how little time it took to set up the chemical peel treatment and to get it. Your clinic made the day very convenient for me, especially since two other clinics had already told me that they couldn’t fit me in that. Your chemical peel was also one of the most effective that I’ve ever had. I’m extremely satisfied.

    SeasonDucharme Sep. 5, 2014
  • I had excellent results with a Coolsculpting operation at this clinic. Dr. Crippen took me through everything I wanted to know before we started, and I was still surprised at how easy it was. It took a little longer than I would have liked for the results to kick in, but I didn’t change anything and I lost weight.

    Ami Hamann Aug 26, 2014
  • My coolsculpting treatment was first performed at this clinic, at the Kelowna location, which might be their only one. I’ve never had coolsculpting performed anywhere else, so I can’t judge the quality compared to other clinics, but it was really effective. The procedure was completely painless and didn’t even feel uncomfortable. The easiest weight I have ever lost.

    Ron Woodhouse Jul 06, 2014
  • Dr Crippen performed the Juvederm treatment in a highly professional, caring and pleasant manner. I found the entire experience to be a comfortable one and despite having some initial reservations/nervousness, both he and his extremely competent staff, made me feel totally at ease and reassured. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire experience of being treated by Dr Crippen and his staff.

    DC Feb 9, 2012
  • I chose DermMedica hoping they would be able to help me with my lips. Dr. Crippen recommended a Juvederm filler, and I’m thrilled with both how easy it was and how great it looks. I was particularly pleased with the end result of the lip filler because I’ve had friends with that swollen look, and I did not want any part of that.

    Harold Elliott Sep. 2, 2014

Kelowna Vein Clinic – Sclerotherapy for Varicosed Veins

Sclerotherapy is proven to be safe, effective, and virtually painless for treating vein disease. It has been used successfully to treat both types of veins for well over 75 years. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a medication called a sclerosing agent into the veins.

The Sclerotherapy Treatment

When a sclerosing agent is introduced into the veins it clings to the vein walls, irreversibly damaging the veins. As a result the veins constrict and eventually close over a period of weeks to months. The body breaks the veins down and disposes of them naturally.

Before & After Picture of Sclerotherapy

Conditions Treated by Sclerotherapy

  • Varicose Veins

Treatment Procedure

At the Kelowna Vein Clinic (DermMedica), the average Spider Vein treatment using Sclerotherapy is 10-15 minutes, and involves a quick injection of the sclerosing medication.

Recovery and Side Effects

4-6 Weeks – After the initial appointment, patients can expect to return to their normal activities immediately, with the exception of excessive exercise on the day of the treatment. Patients are advised to walk immediately following the treatment for 30 minutes. It is imperative that patients continue to walk 30 minutes a day for the duration of the recovery time.

For the first week after the treatment, it is also recommended that patients wear a compression bandage or stocking. Stockings can be ordered for patients in advance of the treatment or can be purchased at any time after the procedure at a local pharmacy.

Follow-up appointments are usually 1-2 weeks following treatment, however, this varies greatly for the particular situation and patient.

During the healing process patients can expect tenderness and darkening of the vein. In some cases patients can experience mild irritation from the medication or even an allergic reaction. These more sever responses are significantly less common.

During the recovery time patients can expect to see a gradual reduction in vein size and visibility. Eventually the vein will be completely absorbed into the body and no longer be a problem. Other benefits experienced after the treatment include:

  • Reduced swelling in the ankles
  • Decreased pressure
  • Decreased heaviness

1 -2 treatments are recommended for maximum results.

Video: Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins in Kelowna


Vericose & Spider Vein Treatments

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins are swollen, twisted, and sometimes painful veins that have filled with an abnormal collection of blood.

What Are the Symptoms of Spider Veins and Varicose Veins?

  • Fullness, heaviness, aching, and sometimes pain in the legs
  • Visible, enlarged veins
  • Mild swelling of ankles
  • Brown discoloration of the skin at the ankles
  • Skin ulcers near the ankle

What Are the Causes of Varicose Veins?

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins are the result of dysfunctional valves in the veins normally responsible for regulating blood movement. When the valves fail, blood remains in the veins causing vein enlargement, particularly in the legs. Valve dysfunction is known to occur as a result of:

  • Defective valves from birth (congenitally defective valves)
  • Pregnancy
  • Blood clots
  • Other conditions
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Increased pressure to the abdomen

What Are the Treatments for Varicose Veins?

There are multiple treatments for varicose veins and spider veins because each patient is different and each presentation of venous disease is unique to everyone.  Treatments may involve EVLT, Radiofrequency ablation, Sclerotherapy, Ambultory phlebectomy and some other more exotic treatments as well.  With all of our vein patients we do recommend regular use of compression stockings to maximize healing and improve circulation in the veins of the lower limbs.  You will need a specific appointment with Dr. Crippen to determine the best treatment for your specific condition but you should also know that all of our treatments are performed in our own medical facility and you do not need to visit the hospital or be subjected to a general anesthetic.  Most patients are surprised to hear how simple and quick it is to have those veins treated that have been bothering them for so many years.

I’m Trying to Figure out What Is Causing My Varicose Veins. Can Anyone Help? I’ve Tried Changing a Lot of Things. I Am a Male in My 40s. I Don’t Think That I Have Any Unusual Habits. I Stay Pretty Healthy, and I Don’t Spend That Much Time Sitting Down. I Don’t Hear About Many Men My Age Having This Problem That Often.

There are a lot of factors, known and unknown, that contribute to Varicose veins but if you’re an otherwise healthy person the reason is usually genetic. This means that you are predisposed to developing Varicose veins and there isn’t much you can do to prevent them. Many men suffer from this problem but most don’t do anything about them unless they have complications related to them.

I Have Varicose Veins Because of a Pregnancy, Will They Go Away When the Baby Arrives? I’m Really Hoping They Will, but I’m Afraid They Won’t.

Varicose Veins usually arrive because of a genetic predisposition to getting them for a variety of reasons. Pregnancy accelerates the rate at which you will see them but they were going to become an issue regardless. The answer to your question however, is yes, they will get better when the baby arrives and there is no longer that same amount of pressure in the abdomen but they will not simply go away. Likely what will happen, is your veins will get better in appearance but continue to worsen over time. If you have another pregnancy, the veins will become worse again on top of that.

The best course of action is to wear compression stockings throughout your pregnancy, that should really minimize the progression of the veins becoming worse throughout your pregnancy and there is no risk to doing so.

My Varicose Veins Are Painful, but Are They Dangerous? I Was Thinking About Having My Varicose Veins Taken Care of Soon, but I’ve Recently Been Told It Can Be Dangerous to Leave Them Alone. Is That So?

My Varicose Veins Are Painful, but Are They Dangerous? I Was Thinking About Having My Varicose Veins Taken Care of Soon, but I’ve Recently Been Told It Can Be Dangerous to Leave Them Alone. Is That So?

How Long Should the Effects of Spider Vein Treatments Last? How Often Would I Need to Redo This Treatment, or Could I Redo It as Soon as It Starts Bothering Me Any Even If It’s Not yet Visible?

Treatments for spider veins is usually done on an ongoing basis. This is because the body will produce more of these small little veins over time even though other ones are removed by injection treatments or sclerotherapy.

What are Common Spider Vein Treatment Side Effects?

Common side effects of varicose vein treatments (ie., sclerotherapy) include darkening of the overlying skin, tenderness of the treated area, bruising, phlebitis(inflamed veins), DVT, an increase in the number of small spider veins.

What Are My Options for Treating Large Blue Veins on Face and Temple?

Usually injections are not recommended for this area, rather laser therapy is the best option for this. Make sure you see a qualified physician for laser treatment in this area however.

Do Compression Stockings Help Prevent Varicose Veins?

Dr. Crippen does not believe that stockings prevent veins from forming, but they might slow the progression.

What is the Best Treatment for Bulging Veins on Top of Feet?

Usually injection therapy is best for these veins or ambulatory phlebectomy where the veins are surgically removed.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Genetics are the main reason for veins forming in the first place in all patients.

Is Running Causing/Bad for Varicose Veins?

Exercise is good for varicose vein disease! More activity is always better than less or none. We always encourage our patients to be active before and after treatment.

What does Sclerotherapy feel like? Is it painful?

Sclerotherapy for varicose veins is a simple procedure that takes just minutes to complete. There are injections into the veins so you will feel a pinch with each injection but these are usually well tolerated by almost all of my patients. Some people are very sensitive but this is not the norm for this procedure. The medication we use for injection is painless when it enters the vein so there is no discomfort beyond the injection itself. You are back on your feet immediately with zero downtime.

Does Sclerotherapy remove veins permanently?

Veins that are treated by sclerotherapy are destroyed and absorbed back into the body by its natural waste removal processes. This may take a few weeks, during which you may feel some mild irritation. However, once the vein is no longer visible, it is gone permanently.

Does Sclerotherapy prevent the development of new veins?

The treatment cannot prevent the development of new varicose veins. However, as part of the treatment and consultation, we’ll be able to recommend some strategies for preventing the development of new varicose or spider veins.

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